Extend Firefox into a Superfox: Part 3

Now that Email and RSS have been wrapped up, let’s move on to two more important aspects of a netizen’s life, namely blogging and IM.

Unless you run your blog the old fashioned way, that is, off a server by manually editing HTML, then you probably use a blog host that provides you with blogging tools to manage and post to your blog. But sometimes the whole go-to-blog/ login/ go-to-edit-page routine can be tiring. And your blog tool might lack a comfortable WYSIWYG editor, though that’s rare. As an alternative to using your host’s interface you can use an external client such as w.bloggar for Windows or BloGTK for Linux. But why go to all that trouble when you can use a Firefox extension instead? There are in fact not one, but two extensions that add a bloggin client to Firefox: Performancing and Deepest Sender. Both are capable of handling multiple accounts and blogs and have full featured WYSIWYG editors along with source editing. Deepest Sender opens in it’s own window by default, though you can open it in the sidebar. Performancing gives you the choice of opening in a new window or in a tab inside Firefox. Though both are quite usable, I prefer Performancing as it seems to have a more professional interface and more polish. But I encourage you to try out both and take your pick.

Instant Messaging
Like Email, there are no complete IM extensions out there. There is ChatZilla, but that is only for IRC. But don’t despair. You can still have IM in your browser!. Check out Meebo. It’s a web service, using AJAX technology that allows you to connect to multiple networks and works just like a normal client. Sure it takes some getting used to and lacks “power features” like video or voice, but hey, it’s a start and is pretty good at what it does. Check it out.

Tomorrow we wrap this series with some general extensions that the community finds useful.

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