Extend Firefox into a Superfox: Part 2

Enough history and related boring stuff. Let’s get to the interesting stuff:

    After browsing, e-mail is probably the most important use of the internet for most people. For some people like my dad, email is more important than browsing. So, where does Firefox come in? Well, there is no extension that turns Firefox into a full-fledged mail client. If you want a mail client you’re going to have to use somethine else. Mozilla Thunderbird is a good choice. But if you want to manage your mail through Firefox, as I do, the most obvious choice is to use Webmail. If you use your ISP’s email account, then your ISP probably gives you a webmail service. If not there are numerous free mail providers. Personally I recommend Gmail. Not only does it give over 2.5GB of storage, which is enough to keep anyone happy for a long time, it is also the fastest mail interface that I have ever seen. Once you’ve chosen your mail service, you can go looking for extensions. Once again GMail has a large number of extensions, but Yahoo also has a fair number. i personally use GMail Manager and GMail skins.

RSS Feeds
A growing number of people are using RSS feeds, to keep track of everything from news to blogs. While Firefox uses Live Bookmarks to fetch RSS headlines, you might want something like a complete RSS Reader. In that case you might want to try out Wizz RSS Reader. This does a very good jub of keeping track of and presenting your feeds in a clean and easy interface. There is also a large amount of documentation easily available. It’s a must have on the road to turn Firefox into Superfox.

Enough for today. Tomorrow we cover two more important net activities: blogging and IM. As always, comments welcome.

Firefox, Opera, Gmail, RSS

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