Ubuntu without a hard drive

The 5 CD’s of Ubuntu Dapper Drake just arrived and of course I popped one in the CD drive to take a look. I still don’t have a hard drive on the computer, so I was interested in testing out the live CD. This is the first Ubuntu distribution to combine the live and install CD’s into one. Once you boot from the CD, you’re into a default Live CD session. If you wish to install, all you have to click an icon on the desktop to start the process.

The Live CD seems to have been giving a lot of thought. It’s certainly faster and auto-configures my hardware better. Programs open much faster than the last Live CD and the new Ubuntu color scheme does look good. But there are drawbacks. It is certainly much slower than a normal install, and it is somewhat difficult to get onto the internet. I couldn’t figure out how to connect with my ADSL Broadband line. It is very good for demonstration purposes, show it off to convince a friend to try out Linux. However it’s not your best choice if you want a Live CD to use as your default system day in day out. For that better stick with Puppy Linux or maybe Kanotix.

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