Restrict comments on your blog

A few weeks ago I came across a blog called LifeHacker. It's a pretty nice blog, giving you practical advice on how to use common technology to make your life that much easier. Now whenever I find a blog that I like I leave a polite comment. And so I promptly clicked on the comment link at the bottom of the latest post. On trying to leave a comment that this blog requires you to sugn-up to leave comments. A minor irritation, but I decided it was worth it because the blog was quite good. But when I tried to get myself a username and password, I realized that only did you need to signup to leave a comment, signups were only given out to people whom the blog-writers thought would leave meaningful comments and contribute to the blog.

    So today's question is: Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well, like most things in life, there is no straightforward answers. Restricting which people can comment on your blog certainly eliminate comment and spam and will go a long way to ensure that the comments really are helpful. But the obvious downside is that it will irritate users. Let's face it: Most of us only comment when we really have something that we want to let out and generally a comment is based on spurt of the moment. Readers may not be too interested in coming back if you make it hard for them to participate. After, a large part of the fun of having a blog is communicating directly with your audience. So, please feel free to leave a comment. 

7 thoughts on “Restrict comments on your blog

  1. Provided it is really easy to delete a comment, the signing in routine ought to be left out. I welcome comments at my place and would be entertained by abuse (I hand it out, I can take it in). But some people are so insecure (deep down inside) that they shy away from disagreement in terror lest their thoughts be disturbed and uncertainty creep in. Such is my take on the subject.

  2. I am an amateur at blogging. I have deleted my trivia blog once I had it sorted to my satisfaction because it was a tie and a burden. Anybody who makes commenters sign on etc., is the sort of choosy person that I am not clever enough to comment for, so good riddance on their part to my rubbish. It is a sort of market device. If one can be bothered to sign in etc. then one is an admirably efficient person who has worth saying. Oh, sorry, did someone say be brief?

  3. Good Heavens! There is my comment from last week above. Someone ought to delete it. I have deleted the trivia and only have my Prohibition is death to law and order blog. Better delete this comment too. Oh no. I misunderstood “restrict”. It does not mean be brief when you comment. It refers to limiting those whom you accept as commenters.

  4. I am once of those who gets irritated by sign-ups. With over 500 usernames and passwords (no kidding) that I already have to maintain for important purposes, I have no interest in adding more. The only way I sign up for an account under any circumstances is if the information I want is not available anywhere else. For example, if a manufcaturer offers technical support on a product I’ve purchased and I’m unlikely to get my answers somewhere else, I’ll sign up.

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